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Original Format Electronic Publishing
An innovative Electronic Publishing technology



ISAKO's innovative technology, "Original Format Electronic Publishing", OFEP, allows for fully functional electronic publication of scanned printed content. Eliminating the need for manual keying significantly reduces the cost of creating an electronic publishing product.


Consultable on screen or on paper after printing, the documents are read in their original facsimile scanned image format, thus preserving the benefits of the publisher's original page layout. In particular, after a search query, the desired search matches are highlighted within the original page's facsimile image. This is the novelty and the exclusive functionality of the OFEP technology.




         Standard image format is used for input, mostly TIFF for scanned pages or PDF when available without scanning.

         Using OCR technology, automatic processing reconstitutes the textual content.

         Text content is fully searchable: the full text of the document is indexed; every word can be identified and highlighted.

         Structural elements (such as titles, chapters, headings and page numbers) are identified automatically based on their typographic attributes. These elements are integrated into an industry standard XML format. If needed, they are extracted and indexed separately. This XML document follows the splitting of the content into documentary units (which are not necessarily the same as the physical page-bound display units).

         The content rich XML document resulting from the input pages allows for advanced search options including multi-criteria search queries.

         With the documentary units being precisely defined, the search follows and remains faithful to the exact logical structure of the contents.

         Output display formats are standard image formats: mostly TIFF for off-line usage; or PDF for Internet usage. The content is always an exact digital facsimile copy of the original document.

         Upon retrieval of a document in its original format, words corresponding to the search query are highlighted.

         Perfect readability, including mathematical formulas, tables, diagrams and charts, illustrations and any other graphical elements.


In summary, printed pages become live and interactive while maintaining their original look and feel.





         No manual data entry (keying) costs, creating substantial saving.

         OFEP technology allows for the use of various input image formats. It handles PDF documents as easily as scanned TIFF images.

         Using PDF as an input format is particularly important since in recent years publishers often have a PDF version of their publications. Thus, using the OFEP technology, it is possible to create a fully interactive electronic publication without changing or adding to the existing editorial workflow.

         Original page layout maintained. This is particularly important if original pages contain illustrations, figures and tables.

         Controlling - allowing or disabling - the direct text cutting-and-pasting feature.

         Hypertext links to other pages are added, allowing intuitive and easy navigation.

         Alphabetical and domain-dependant indexes are added. For example, supplying alphabetical access in a dictionary type publication.

         OFEP technology allows for the use of same data in two separate ways: off-line (CD/DVD) and on-line (Internet) publishing, but data needs to be prepared only once.

         OFEP technology is used with any search engine. It is easily integrated into any existing platform.

         The XML indexed format is easily adaptable to the retrieval needs. This is particularly useful in any multi-source environment.





ISAKO specializes in documentary systems and electronic publishing. ISAKO has created numerous documentary products and services, both in off-line and on-line environments. Our staff is highly experienced in all domains of publishing: editorial and content management systems, data and text conversion, search engines and complete retrieval systems including access control and back-office management.




ISAKO has collaborated on a number of electronic publishing projects. Among them -- the first edition of France's well-known historical dictionary, Grand Dictionnaire Universel de Pierre LAROUSSE (1866) on DVD; distributed for sale by Le Robert publishing. This publication uses ISAKO's OFEP technology. To access the first volume of this dictionary, visit our Internet site at and follow the DEMO link on the Technologies section.






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