Isako licenses the IsakoStudio®, Conversion System to publishers and service providers to convert books to E-books and to master-XML.
    100,000 books per year
100,000 books per year for the BNF (France's National Library).

Isako's DCS® - Document Conversion System - is used for the digitization and conversion of approximately 70,000 pages per day.

La pierre de Rosette (British Museum). Isako
A technology and solutions provider
for content digitization and conversion
and for electronic publishing.

ISAKO proposes a set of proven tools and industrial-strength conversion workflows as well as high quality services for the digitization, conversion, consulting and electronic publishing of all types of content.
In its qualitative approach, ISAKO combines industrial expertise and efficiency to provide to all its customers an optimal solution using techniques at the cutting-edge of innovation.
ISAKO's clients are:
  • Using conversion tools for OCR and PDF extraction for structuring content.
  • Processing complex information from business documents to be integrated if useful into an EDM system.
  • Digitizing and publishing current and archival content.
  • Developing electronic publications.
    • March 2010
      Paris Book Fair

      ISAKO participates in a round-table.

    • November 2009
      CERTIFI-MEDIA chooses ISAKO as a partner and integrator of its exclusive Image Quality Control and Image Processing solutions.
      ISAKO will seamlessly integrate CERTIFI's advanced features into ISAKO's products.

    • March 2009
      Paris Book Fair

      ISAKO exhibits its software solutions and participates in a round-table.

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